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Preparation and studies of TMI ion doped Na-Borophosphate Glasses

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, Arts, Science and Commerce College, Naldurg, Tq-Tuljapur, Dist.- Osmanabad-413 602, MS INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 4, Issue (1), Pages 78-83, January,18 (2014)


Sodium borophosphate glasses doped with transition metal Cu ion glasses having compositions of 20Na2O 20ZnO 25B2 (35-X) P2 X CuO5 (X= 1-6) were prepared using conventional melt quench method. Density, Transmission spectra, FT-IR spectra, conductivity and chemical durability characteristics were measured as a function of copper content for different glass samples. The initial decrease in the density is due to addition of CuO. Further addition of CuO i.e. 6% leads to the increase in density. Optical band gap for different glass samples as measured from transmission characteristics were found to be in the range 2.5-3.5 eV. IR spectroscopy have been employed to investigate the 20Na2O 20ZnO 25B2 (35-X) P2X CuO5 glasses in order to obtain information about the role of Cu ion and ZnO in the formation of glass network. Electrical studies have been carried out to understand the effect of transition metal ion. The conductivity measured in the range of 238K to 423K obeys Arrhenius law. The observed conductance () increases with increase in TMI content. The dissolution rate for Cu ion doped NZBP glasses was seen. It results that introduction of Cu and Zn ions increase the chemical durability.


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