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Rapid Iodination of Xylidines in Aqueous Medium: Kinetic verification of Speculated Reactivities

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Chemistry, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune, INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 2, Issue (6), Pages 1-5, June,18 (2012)


Comprehensive kinetic studies to investigate the relative nucleophilicities of the six isomers of xylidine have been carried out. Kinetic data presently obtained for iodination of xylidines in aqueous medium conclusively enlightened the order of the relative reactivities of xylidines in a quantitative manner. All the six reactions studied were found to be rapid, necessitating a special technique to follow the kinetics. The rotating platinum cathode method employed, yielded specific reaction rates that ranged from 52 to 893M-1 s-1 and energies of activation from 32.7 to 54.5 kJ mol-1 at 25.00 C and 7 pH. Stereochemical principles invoked, justified this observed reactivity order for the isomers under study. Thus the subtleties of the stereochemistry of xylidines were quantitatively ascertained using kinetics as an investigational tool.


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