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Table of Contents

Res. J. Physical Sci., Volume 1, Issue (4), Pages 1-35, May (2013)

Research Paper

1. Estimation of Incoming Solar Energy Budget at the Horizontal Surface of the Earth in the Foothills of the Northern Indian Himalaya
RajPaul Guleria,Nand Lal Sharma (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(4), 1-6.
2. Absorption Spectra of Praseodymium with Amino Acid
Anupkumar Gupta,Shri Kishan Ujjwal (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(4), 7-10.
3. A Study on Structural and Optical Properties of MgxZn1-xO thin films using Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)
Vishnu Prasad Ahirwar ,P. Misra,G. Ahirwar (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(4), 11-14.
4. Acoustical properties of Ternary Mixture of di-(2-ethyl-hexyl) Phosphoric acid in Cyclohexane and Ethanol mixed Solvent at various temperatures
Sujata Mishra,Rita Paikaray (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(4), 15-21.
5. Experimental Study of Variation of Secondary Cosmic Gamma Ray Flux during Total Lunar Eclipse April 4, 1996 and July 16, 2000
Pareek Devendra , S.N.A. Jaaffrey (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(4), 22-27.
6. Transport Phenomena in Semiconductor Quantum Devendrawells
Richa Saini,Vinod Ashokan,B.D. Indu (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(4), 28-31.
7. Acoustic Studies of Aqueous Solution of Adansonia Digitata (AnD)
S.K. Ujle,S. Phadke,B.D. Shrivastava,A. Mishra,N. Dagaonkar (2013). Res. J. Physical Sci., 1(4), 32-35.