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LC-UV Method Development and Validation of Amlodipine in Pure and Tablet Dosage Form

Author Affiliations

  • 1D.S.T.S College of Pharmacy, Solapur, MH, India
  • 2D.S.T.S College of Pharmacy, Solapur, MH, India
  • 3D.S.T.S College of Pharmacy, Solapur, MH, India

Res. J. of Pharmaceutical Sci., Volume 5, Issue (2), Pages 1-3, July,30 (2016)


The present paper describe a simple, rapid, precise, accurate, economical and less time consuming LC-UV method development for simultaneous determination of in pure and Tablet formulation. Best symmetric peak shape was obtained with column Luna C18 (150mm X 4.6mm, 5) at 232 nm using UV-Vis detector, mobile phase used was Acetonitrile: Acetate buffer (pH 5) 50:50 at flow rate 1.0 ml/min. The retention time of Amlodipine besylate was found to be 3.4.


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