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Corrosion inhibition of aluminium by seed extracts - a review

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, C. B. Patel Computer College & J. N. M. Patel Science College, Surat, Gujarat, India
  • 2Department of Chemistry, C. B. Patel Computer College & J. N. M. Patel Science College, Surat, Gujarat, India

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 11, Issue (1), Pages 38-43, January,22 (2022)


Environmentally and ecologically recognition among scientists has cause to the enlargement of green technology alternatives to reduce corrosion. Corrosion inhibitors are extensively used for the protection of metals and equipment and they are required to be acceptable and eco-friendly. Some of the researchers are tried to make use of green seed extract products as corrosion inhibitors. In this review paper, corrosion inhibition of various types of metal, medium and green inhibitors (seeds extract) have been reported. In the present paper, reported on green corrosion inhibitors has been assess, and the great review of work on seed extracts as a green corrosion inhibitors have been highlighted. Among the studied many green seed extract are showed better inhibition performance 95.34% in Piper guineense. All the described seed extracts were found to inhibition of the corrosion of aluminium metal and it’s alloy in acidic or alkaline medium. Corrosion of aluminium and its inhibition was analyzed by weight loss, thermodynamic and kinetic methods. Electrochemical methods such as, Potentiodynamic polarization and EIS were also used. The protective films formed on metal surface have been analyzed by various techniques such as SEM, AFM, FT-IR, EDX, EN and GC-MS. The present review paper is an overview of works published on seeds extract for protection of aluminium from corrosion.


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