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Forensic Expert Role: Current Scenario in India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Institute of Sciences, SAGE University Indore, MP-45331, India
  • 2Institute of Sciences, SAGE University Indore, MP-45331, India
  • 3Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Rau, Indore, MP-45331, India

Res. J. Forensic Sci., Volume 9, Issue (2), Pages 11-13, July,29 (2021)


As we know, forensic science is most important for the analysis of crime scene evidence to move our Indian judiciary forward. Many people commit crimes for their own interests, violence, mental behaviour, family problems, etc. But we need forensic science experts to solve a particular criminal case. An expert only solves any crime depends on their working experience or educational background experience. When becoming an expert it’s necessary to first complete Study level, then we see the job opportunity to join any forensic fields. Many forensic experts in this field have postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees but are not given any opportunity to join the laboratory and police station for crime scene analysis. Forensic Expert Posted as a Forensic Specialists are coming in some Basic B.Sc. and M.Sc. pass and Forensic Science field but B.Sc. Forensic Science and M.Sc. Forensic Science with Ph.D. holder easily does not offer any post in Forensic Laboratory and Police Station. So in this article, we have explained about forensic experts and their education and why there is a need for experts in every police station in India.


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