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Table of Contents

Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., Volume 8, Issue (2), Pages 1-73, August (2020)

Research Paper

1. Sediment thickness and depth to magnetic sources computations from high-resolution aeromagnetic data over Yola arm of the upper benue and adjoining basement regions, Northeastern Nigeria
Hayatudeen Musa,Nsikak E. Bassey,Bello Rasaq (2020). Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., 8(2), 1-8.
2. Sedimentological Study of Manchar Formation, Kari Buthi Section, Northern Laki Range, Southern Indus Basin, Pakistan
Surih Sibaghatullah Jagirani,Ling Bai,Muhammad Dodo Jagirani,Sajjad Ali Panhwar,Bhupati Neupane,Kaleemullah Jagirani,Waqar Ghanghro,Upendra Baral,Qamar-ul-din- Khokhar (2020). Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., 8(2), 9-21.
3. Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping of Aragam Erin and Bandipora, District Bandipora, Kashmir, India
Mohsin Noor (2020). Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., 8(2), 22-30.
4. Simulation of the impacts of hill dams and lakes on water and sediment yields: case of Wadi Hatab Basin, Central Tunisia
Narjes Ben Salah Chaabane,Habib Abida (2020). Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., 8(2), 31-43.
5. Watershed level Morphometric analysis of Kayadhu River, Sub-Basin of Penganga River, Maharashtra India
Chavan Sumeet,Md. Babar (2020). Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., 8(2), 44-54.

Case Study

6. Study of land dynamics in Benin: Case of the Municipality of Allada
Léopold Degbegnon,Ezéchias Codjo (2020). Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., 8(2), 55-65.

Review Paper

7. Achieving sustainable use and management of water resources for irrigation in Nigeria
Moses Oghenenyoreme Eyankware,Ezekiel Obinna Igwe,Christopher Ogwah,Ruth Oghenerukevwe Eyankware Ulakpa (2020). Int. Res. J. Earth Sci., 8(2), 66-73.